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2016-2025 TIP

Public Comment Period on 2016-2025 TIP and 2040 MTP Modifications and an Air Quality Conformity Determination

CRTPO has started a public comment period on TIP and MTP modifications to the John Street/Old Monroe Road Widening project (U-4714) in Matthews and Indian Trail

An air quality conformity determination is required for an adjacent project due to the addition of auxiliary lanes on I-485 between the Weddington Road interchange (R-211EC) and the John Street interchange in Matthews.

  • The Draft Air Quality Conformity Determination Report can be viewed here

The MOVES files that were used to complete the DRAFT Conformity Determination can be downloaded using the following hyperlinks. The individual files may be viewed via use of the MySQL database software. Please read the MOVES documentation before downloading the files. (Zip Compressed)

Due to proximity, the 30-day public comment period for the U-4714 MTP and TIP amendments can be combined with the I-485/Weddington Road Interchange Conformity Determination public comment period.

The public comment period began on March 3, 2017 and will conclude on April 3, 2017. A media release can be viewed here.

Comments should be directed to Neil Burke using the following methods:

E-Mail: info@crtpo.org

Regular Mail:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center
600 E. Fourth St., 8th floor
Charlotte, NC 28202
Fax: 704-336-5123

A memorandum providing additional information can be viewed here.

Project maps can be viewed here.


  • February 15: MPO approval to open public comment period on U-4714 TIP/MTP modifications and R-0211EC air quality conformity determination
  • March 3 – April 3: Public Comment period
  • April 13: TCC Recommendation
  • April 19: MPO final action on U-4714 TIP/MTP modifications and R-211EC air quality conformity determination

Public comments can be made on these projects during the March 15 MPO meeting.

The CRTPO took action to approve the 2016-2025 TIP, amendments to the 2040 MTP, and an air quality conformity determination report at its August 19, 2015 meeting. Following CRTPO’s approval, the USDOT (FHWA) approved program years 2016 through 2019 of the TIP, and NCDOT approved the 2016-2025 TIP. The approvals by CRTPO, NCDOT, and FHWA allow for work to begin on projects within the 2016-2025 TIP.

CRTPO TIP projects can be viewed in the maps and lists by county below.

Projects identified through the STI process are color-coded by tier. Transition Projects are colored brown and are those projects that were programmed to the 2012-2018 TIP prior to the adoption of the STI legislation. Examples of transition projects within CRTPO include:

•    I-4750, I-5405 I-77 Express Lanes Project
•    R-3329 US 74 Monroe Bypass
•    I-3819A: I-40 & I-77 Interchange Improvements

Transition projects have been incorporated into the 2016-2025 TIP during the adoption process.

Iredell County TIP Projects: Map List
Mecklenburg County TIP Projects: Map List
Union County TIP Projects: Map List
Non-Highway TIP Projects: Map List















NCDOT maintains a “Live STIP” that is updated monthly based upon TIP amendments that are approved by the Board of Transportation. NCDOT’s Live STIP can be viewed here.

To View NCDOT State Transportation Improvement Program documents, click here

Bonus Allocation & STP-DA Projects
CRTPO has two sources of discretionary transportation funding sources in which projects were programmed into the TIP. A subcommittee of TCC members developed a process to prioritize projects, and program them into CRTPO’s TIP. The Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) legislation contains incentives for local funds contributions and the acceptance of Toll projects, in order to reduce the cost of a project to NCDOT. The incentives are referred to as Bonus Allocations and are distributed off the top of the State’s Transportation Program, thus not affecting expected funding distributions that a region or NCDOT Division would normally receive.

Surface Transportation Program – Direct Attributable (STP-DA) is a federal transportation program that allocates funding to MPOs classified as Transportation Management Areas (TMA). These funds are subject to a 20% local match, which is usually assessed to the project sponsor.

Bonus Allocation and STP-DA projects can be viewed on the TIP lists and maps above.

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Amendments
MTP Amendments
Following the release of the DRAFT STIP by NCDOT, and the prioritization and programming of Bonus Allocation funds to projects, a series of amendments to the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Amendments were required to ensure that the plan conforms to CRTPO’s TIP. Amendments were required to the 2040 MTP for the following reasons:

  • To add new projects that were not previously in the 2040 MTP, but were identified in the DRAFT TIP

  • To move projects to a different horizon year in the 2040 MTP

  • To change project extents in the 2040 MTP to match the limits in the DRAFT TIP.

The TIP is a subset of the 2040 MTP and both documents should match.

A list of the approved 2040 MTP amendments that are recommended to conform to the 2016-2025 TIP can be viewed in the map and list below:

CRTPO 2040 MTP Amendments:



Air Quality Conformity Process

The Clean Air Act requires CRTPO to demonstrate that its Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) conform to the Statewide Improvement Program (SIP). Transportation conformity is an important part of CRTPO’s planning process. The Air Quality Conformity Determination Report can be viewed here and certifies that the projects proposed within the TIP and 2040 MTP are within the prescribed limits for air quality within the Charlotte region.

Additional information can be found within the following appendices:


MOVES Files (ZIP Compressed):

Public Information / Comment Period

A 30-day Public Comment Period for the 2016-2025 TIP and associated documents was held from July 1, 2015 until July 31, 2015.

A public comment summary log can be viewed here.

CRTPO’s TIP is a subset of NCDOT’s STIP, and this relationship requires concurrency in public involvement efforts. The Strategic Transportation Investments legislation has created a quantitative, data-driven approach to develop the STIP, and process has limited public involvement to the local input point’s assignment process. Feedback will be targeted to the process and geographic diversity of projects in CRTPO’s TIP. FHWA requires public involvement as part of MPOs adoption of the TIP, MTP amendments, and air quality conformity determinations.


List CATS staff worked with the NCDOT-Public Transportation Division to develop a list of transit programs and projects to be included within the TIP. The list can be viewed here

Statewide Program

List A list of Statewide program projects can be viewed here

The Program of Projects required by 49 USC 5307 is a subset of the Transportation Improvement Program and the public review and comment solicited for this Transportation Improvement Program is intended to include and satisfy the public review and comment required under 49 USC 5307(c)(1) through (7) for the Urbanized Area Program.


Recent TIP Presentations:
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