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The page is updated regularly with relevant information related to transportation planning.  Visit the Resources page for more information.


An orientation was held on January 10, 2018 with the purpose of familiarizing new and returning delegates and alternates with the roles and responsibilities of the CRTPO. The delegate handbook and videos that were viewed during the orientation can be viewed below.

2018 CRTPO Orientation Videos
CRTPO Member perspectives:

Iredell County Perspective Mecklenburg County Perspective Union County Perspective




Ramp Metering   NC Ports Education Session
(November 15, 2017)
  Priorization   Prioritization & Programming Process
(November 11, 2016)
Ramp Metering   Ramp Metering
(October 18, 2017)
  P4.0   Locally Administered
Projects Overview

(March 2016)
2018-2027 STIP   2018-2027 STIP
(January 19, 2017)
  FHWA   CRTPO Project Selection
(March 18, 2015)