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Interactive Mapping


The interactive CTP map below will allow you to explore each of the Highway, Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Public Transportation & Rail CTP modes. Printable PDF versions of the adopted maps are also available in each ‘panel’ of the online map.
If you would like to leave a question regarding the CTP maps, please select the “Questions or Comments” icon along the bottom of this page.

CTP Interactive Map



The CTP is a mutually adopted legal document between the state and the Metropolitan Planning organization. When a CTP is adopted by NCDOT, it represents the State’s concurrence with the locally identified transportation needs. Ultimately, the CTP will replace CRTPO’s existing Thoroughfare Plan.

The PDF maps shown below are drafts of what will be officially adopted by CRTPO and the NCDOT Board of Transportation. Click on the map images below to open maps for each respective transportation mode. Each inset is a link to that specific area of the overall planning region. Click on the inset you would like to view, and that portion of the map will open in a new window.

Highway Maps
Bicycle Maps
Pedestrian Maps
Public Transportation

Public and agency comments received through the 2016 CTP Public Engagement Process have been considered in the final version(s) of these maps.

Transportation Plans Compilation Map
This online Transportation Plans Compilation Map offers a compilation of CRTPO’s current Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), NCDOT Prioritization Projects (SPOT), and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) mapping layers.


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