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The CTP is a mutually adopted legal document between the state and the CRTPO. The adoption of the CTP is the State’s concurrence with the locally identified transportation needs.  The Comprehensive Transportation Plan maps were adopted by the CRTPO in January of 2017.  Various versions of the maps are shown below.  

Proposed CTP Amendments

Comment on Proposed CTP Amendments

CRTPO accepted public input on proposed CTP amendments from September 19 through October 18, 2019. Please click on the map image above to view the amendments currently proposed for adoption. Final adoption is anticipated for January 2020. 

Virtual CTP Map

The virtual CTP map will allow you to explore each of the Highway, Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Public Transportation & Rail modes, as well as pending and approved amendments to the CTP since its original adoption.

  • Use the virtual map to click on individual segments for more information.


CTP Interactive Map




Map Modes


Facility Types


PDF Maps

The PDF CTP maps are the officially adopted maps by CRTPO and the NCDOT Board of Transportation. Printable PDF versions of the adopted maps are available in each ‘panel’ of the PDF map.

  • Click on the map images to open maps for each respective transportation mode.
  • Click in each gray inset to zoom to a specific area of the map, which will open in a new window.
Highway Maps Public Transportation

Bicycle Maps


Pedestrain Maps


Transportation Plans Compilation Map

The online CRTPO Transportation Plans Compilation Map offers a compilation of the CRTPO’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), NCDOT Prioritization Projects (SPOT), and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) mapping layers.

  • Use the legend and content tabs to select the information to be shown on the map.
  • Click the map elements for detailed information about the projects or segments.