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What's Next


CTP Maps Adoption
CRTPO's policy board approved the four CTP maps at its January meeting, following the recommendation of the Technical Coordinating Committee earlier that month. The CRTPO CTP was mutually adopted by the North Carolina Board of Transportation at their March 8-9, 2017 meeting. Additional information regarding the NCDOT CTP process can be viewed here.

Right-of-Way Protection & Amendments
The next major CTP initiatives will be right-of-way (ROW) protection and developing processes for amending the maps.  ROW protection activities will be related to ensuring that all CRTPO member jurisdictions have adequate ordinances in place to ensure that future thoroughfares will be protected from development, thus ensuring that an effective transportation network can be implemented.  

Regarding amendments, the CTP is intended to be a plan that properly reflects the changing transportation needs of the region.  Amendment processes will be needed to ensure that proper guidelines are in place to inform citizens and ensure that their comments are appropriately considered when changes to the CTP are proposed.


CTP Public Comments

Responses to comments received during the CTP public outreach effort (May 16 to August 31) are posted here. A few comments still require a response from outside agencies. The information will be updated as soon as those responses are received;


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