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2012-2018 TIP

The adopted 2012-2018 CRTPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) maybe be viewed by selecting 2012-2018 CRTPO TIP (Adopted July 21, 2011).

The USDOT Conformity Determination letters for the FY 2012-2018 TIP may be viewed by selecting USDOT Conformity Determination Letters (including the 2035 LRTP amendments).

TIP Amendments:
Periodically it becomes necessary to amend the TIP. This may be due to the addition or deletion of a project, major changes in a project’s design or scope, schedule changes, etc. 
Click here to view a list of amendments to CRTPO’s TIP since its adoption in July 2012.

NCDOT 2012-2108 STIP (last updated May 2015)