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Metrolina MTP Projects
Regional Online Mapping

CRTPO’s new on-line mapping platform allows visitors to view many data layers simultaneously and “toggle” layers on or off, as desired.  Additionally, the on-line platform provides a venue to view data across much of the Metrolina Region, including the Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln and Cabarrus-Rowan MPOs. Please click the image above to access our on-line mapping.


Bicycle Suitability Map

Bicycle Suitability Map


CRTPO Thoroughfare Plan
CRTPO Thoroughfare Plan
Cities & Towns in CRTPO
CRTPO Planning Area
CRTPO Urbanized Areas

CRTPO Urbanized Area

Non-Attainment Map

Metrolina Air Quality
Maintenance Area

Greater Charlotte MPOs / RPOs
Metrolina Region MPOs & RPOs
State of NC MPOs
NC MPOs, RPOs & NCDOT Divisions


CRTPO Collective Transportation Plans Map
CRTPO Collective Transportation Plans Map

The above online map is a compilation of CRTPO’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), State Prioritization Projects (SPOT), and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) mapping layers.