NCDOT Prioritization


Prioritization is NCDOT’s decision making tool for developing the next Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which is a listing of projects to be delivered within an upcoming five-year work program. The current round is known as Prioritization 4.0 (or P4.0), and will develop the 2018-2027 TIP. CRTPO’s involvement with P4.0 began in July of 2015 and will conclude in the summer of 2016.  The NCDOT-Strategic Prioritization Office of Transportation (SPOT) leads this process by providing oversight to MPOs, RPOs and Divisions throughout the state as well as scoring the projects.

Projects of all modes, including highway, bicycle/pedestrian, transit, and others are scored based on a combination of quantitative data and local input.  The quantitative evaluation consists of criteria such as congestion and safety, and analyzing project benefits compared to cost, as well as expected economic impacts.  Local input comes from the priorities of the local Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and NCDOT Division Offices. 

Additional information can be found on NCDOT’s Strategic Transportation Investments webpage

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Identification of P4.0 Projects

The first phase of P4.0 is where MPOs, RPOs and NCDOT Divisions identify the projects that should be submitted to SPOT office for scoring. Projects are classified based upon the following criteria:

  • COMMITTED: Project is included in the first five years of the DRAFT TIP (2016-2020) and will not be re-scored in P4.0.
  • RE-SCORE: Project has met one of the four criteria to be re-scored in P4.0. The four criteria are: Completed Environmental Document, a sibling to a project that is in the 2016-2025 TIP, received P3.0 local input points, or in the last five years of the 2016-2025 TIP.
  • REMOVE: Project did not meet at least one of the four criteria, and is being proposed for removal prior to P4.0.
  • These projects can be re-scored in P4.0 if CRTPO or a Division elects to use one of its submittals. CRTPO has 20 new project submittals for P4.0, and each NCDOT Division has seven submittals.

Maps of P4.0 Highway project status can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Map Mecklenburg County: Map Union



  Re-Score Removal P4.0 Submittals
Statewide Mobility Highway Projects: List List List
Regional Impact Highway Projects: List List List
Division Needs Highway Projects: List List List
Non-Highway Projects: - List List












The list of P4.0 project scope modifications and deletions can be viewed here.

A media release was issued on Friday, September 4 announcing the start of public input on CRTPO’s proposed P4.0 projects.   The media release can be viewed here. A summary of public comments received can be viewed here.

The SPOT office will review and score all projects from November 2015 through March 2016. Beginning in April of 2016, CRTPO will begin evaluating projects for consideration of local input points allocation. A schedule of CRTPO's P4.0 activities can be viewed here.


P4.0 Education Session Presentation (July 15, 2015)