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This page is updated with relevant information related to Transportation Planning.  Visit the Resources page for more information.

The following video explains the project development process from the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), and into the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

CRTPO Process Explained Video:

CRTPO FY 2023 Annual Report

FY 2023 Annual Report

We encourage you to take some time to review CRTPO’s Annual Report. It offers another avenue of communication with our stakeholders; highlights the organization’s important role in the regional transportation planning process, and celebrates our region’s ongoing partnerships and annual accomplishments.

January 2024 CRTPO Board Orientation Handbook

CRTPO Orientation Handbook

The biennial CRTPO orientation was held on January 11, 2024 with the purpose of familiarizing new and returning board delegates and alternates with the roles and responsibilities of the CRTPO. The orientation handbook can be viewed below. Orientation is held every two years.