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About the CRTPO Board

The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization serves as the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) policy board for the Charlotte urban area.

The Policy Board is the CRTPO’s governing body and is responsible for carrying out the metropolitan planning process as specified in federal statutes (23 USC 134; 49 USC 5303).

The Policy Board consists of elected officials from throughout the CRTPO’s planning area. In addition, the North Carolina Board of Transportation (NCBOT) is represented by those members appointed to serve Division 10 and Division 12, and the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) is represented by a voting member of the MTC.

Purpose and goals:

  1. To develop and direct a continuing, comprehensive transportation planning process carried on cooperatively by the State and local communities in concurrence with Federal guidelines.
  2. To advise the governing bodies and agencies within the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization on the status of needs identified through the continuing transportation planning process.
  3. To facilitate coordination and communication between governing bodies and agencies represented on the board and Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC).
  1. To facilitate coordination between the governing bodies and agencies of the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization and the North Carolina Board of Transportation.
  2. To assist the general public in understanding decisions and policies of the policy boards and agencies.
  3. To act as a forum for cooperative decision-making by elected officials of this metropolitan area in cooperation with the State, thereby serving as the basis for a cooperative planning process.


CRTPO Board meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6PM.

All meetings are accessible to the general public on Facebook Live.

2024 Orientation Handbook Cover

New to the CRTPO Board or want to know more?

Whether you are new to the Board or have served on the Board for a while, you’re bound to have a few questions. We have two ways to review your role as a member of the CRTPO Board. First, you can start with a review of the latest CRTPO Orientation Handbook. Click the link below to view and download the latest version.

If you prefer a meeting to go over your role, contact us to schedule a CRTPO 101 meeting.


The following lists all Policy Board members.

  • Charlotte
  • Cornelius
  • Davidson
  • Fairview
  • Huntersville
  • Indian Trail
  • Iredell County
  • Marshville
  • Marvin
  • Matthews
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Metropolitan Transit Commission
  • Mineral Springs
  • Mint Hill
  • Monroe
  • Mooresville
  • NC Board of Transportation
  • Pineville
  • Stallings
  • Statesville
  • Troutman
  • Union County
  • Waxhaw
  • Weddington
  • Wesley Chapel
  • Wingate

Non-voting representatives from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission, Iredell County Planning Board, Union County Land Use Board, the North Carolina Turnpike Authority, and the US Department of Transportation participate in CRTPO deliberations.


As of 12/28/2023.

JurisdictionNameEmailTitleVoting Status
Mooresville, Town ofLisa QuallsEmailChairVoting Member
Stallings, Town ofBrad RichardsonEmail Vice ChairVoting Member
CRTPO Board Chair and Vice Chair
JurisdictionNameEmailTitleVoting Status
Char-Meck Planning CommissionTerry LansdellEmailDelegateNon-Voting Member
Charlotte, City ofEd DriggsEmailDelegateVoting Member
Cornelius, Town of Michael OsborneEmailDelegate Voting Member
Davidson, Town ofRusty KnoxEmailDelegateVoting Member
Fairview, Town ofJohn BiggersEmailDelegateVoting Member
Federal Highway AdministrationLoretta BarrenEmailDelegateNon-Voting Member
Huntersville, Town ofNick WalshEmailDelegateVoting Member
Indian Trail, Town ofDavid CohnEmailDelegateVoting Member
Iredell CountyBrad StroudEmailDelegateVoting Member
Iredell County Planning BoardJerry SantoniEmailDelegateNon-Voting Member
Marshville, Town ofErnestine StatonEmailDelegateVoting Member
Marvin, Village ofJamie LeinEmailDelegateVoting Member
Matthews, Town ofRenee GarnerEmailDelegateVoting Member
Mecklenburg CountyLeigh AltmanEmailDelegateVoting Member
Metropolitan Transit CommissionJohn HigdonEmailDelegateVoting Member
Mineral Springs, Town ofFrederick BeckerEmailDelegateVoting Member
Mint Hill, Town ofBrad SimmonsEmailDelegateVoting Member
Monroe, City ofSurluta AnthonyEmailDelegateVoting Member
NC Board of Transportation- Div. 10Tony LathropEmailDelegateVoting Member
NC Board of Transportation- Div. 12Brad LailEmailDelegateVoting Member
NC Turnpike AuthorityJim WalkerEmailDelegateNon-Voting Member
Pineville, Town ofAmelia Stinson-WesleyEmailDelegateVoting Member
Statesville, City ofDavid JonesEmailDelegateVoting Member
Troutman, Town ofTeross W. Young Jr.EmailDelegateVoting Member
Union CountyBrian HelmsEmailDelegateVoting Member
Union County Land Use BoardMark TilleyEmailDelegateNon-Voting Member
Waxhaw, Town ofRobert MurrayEmailDelegateVoting Member
Weddington, Town ofJim BellEmailDelegateVoting Member
Wesley Chapel, Village ofDavid BoyceEmailDelegateVoting Member
Wingate, Town ofJohn LoweryEmailDelegateVoting Member
CRTPO Board Delegates


JurisdictionNameEmailTitleVoting Status
Char-Meck Planning CommissionVacantAlternateNon-Voting Member
Charlotte, City ofDanté AndersonEmailAlternateVoting Member
Cornelius, Town ofRobert CarneyEmailAlternateVoting Member
Davidson, Town ofMatthew DellingerEmailAlternateVoting Member
Fairview, Town ofVacantAlternateVoting Member
Huntersville, Town ofAmanda DumasEmailAlternateVoting Member
Indian Trail, Town ofClarence AlsobrooksEmailAlternateVoting Member
Iredell CountyMelissa NeaderEmailAlternateVoting Member
Marshville, Town ofPaulette BlakeneyEmailAlternateVoting Member
Marvin, Village ofJoe PollinoEmailAlternateVoting Member
Matthews, Town ofKen McCoolEmailAlternateVoting Member
Mecklenburg CountyGeorge DunlapEmailAlternateVoting Member
Metropolitan Transit CommissionVacantAlternateVoting Member
Mineral Springs, Town ofVacantAlternateVoting Member
Mint Hill, Town ofDale DaltonEmailAlternateVoting Member
Monroe, City ofVacantAlternateVoting Member
Mooresville, Town ofEddie DinglerEmailAlternateVoting Member
NC Board of Transportation Div.10 & 12Stephen RosenburghEmailAlternateVoting Member
NC Turnpike AuthorityChuck TravisEmailAlternateNon-Voting Member
Pineville, Town ofDavid PhillipsEmailAlternateVoting Member
Stallings, Town ofWyatt DunnEmailAlternateVoting Member
Statesville, City ofKimberly WassonEmailAlternateVoting Member
Troutman, Town ofJerry OxsherEmailAlternateVoting Member
Union CountyDavid WilliamsEmailAlternateVoting Member
Union County Land Use BoardDarren GreeneEmailAlternateNon-Voting Member
Waxhaw, Town ofRichard DauntEmailAlternateVoting Member
Weddington, Town ofJeff PerrymanEmailAlternateVoting Member
Wesley Chapel, Village ofAmanda FullerEmailAlternateVoting Member
Wingate, Town ofVacantAlternateVoting Member
CRTPO Board Alternates

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