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Transit Education Initiative Task Force

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The Transit Education Initiative (TEI) Task Force was formed in June 2020 by the former CRTPO Board chairman Dr. Michael Miltich to lay the foundation for a shared understanding of federal funding for public transit and potentially recommending an update to the formula for allocation of FTA Section 5307 funds. The TEI Task Force identified three topics to pursue immediately:

  1. Understand the needs and goals of the transit providers that operate within the CRTPO planning area.
  2. Study the federal, state and local rules and regulations of transit funding.
  3. Focus on the Federal Transit Administration Section 5307/5340 distribution sub-allocation formula.
  • Part One: Study and Data Collection
  • Part Two: Develop Recommendations

TEI Launch Meeting

TEI Public Transit Operators Overview

TEI Federal and State Transit Programs

TEI FTA Section 5307 Funding Program

TEI Interim Report

TEI Analysis of Other MPO’s FTA Section 5307 Suballocation Methodologies:

TEI MOU and Formula Ideas:

TEI MOU and Formula Recommendation: