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Transit Providers Work Group

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The CRTPO Board supported the recommendation to form a transit providers work group to continue the MOU implementation efforts and coordination on public transit agencies requirements. In March 2023, the CRTPO Board approved the creation of a Transit Providers Work Group to carry out the required activities and coordination efforts moving forward.

The CRTPO Transit Providers Work Group (TPWG) launched in September 2023. The main objectives of the work group are:

  • Enhance collaboration amongst CRTPO planning area public transportation providers
  • FTA Section 5303 related activities
  • FTA Section 5307 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) implementation and related activities
  • Transit planning education

The Transit Education Initiative (TEI) Task Force was formed in June 2020 by the former CRTPO Board chairman Dr. Michael Miltich to lay the foundation for a shared understanding of federal funding for public transit and potentially recommending an update to the formula for allocation of FTA Section 5307 funds. The TEI Task Force identified three topics to pursue immediately:

  1. Understand the needs and goals of the transit providers that operate within the CRTPO planning area.
  2. Study the federal, state and local rules and regulations of transit funding.
  3. Focus on the Federal Transit Administration Section 5307/5340 distribution sub-allocation formula.
  • Part One: Study and Data Collection
  • Part Two: Develop Recommendations

The TEI Task Force initiative was concluded with the adoption of the Section 5307 formula sub-allocation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2021. The TEI leadership recommended the formation of a transit providers work group to continue the MOU implementation efforts and coordination on public transit agencies requirements.

Presentation 1

TEI Launch Meeting

This meeting was to kick off the task force work of connecting public transportation providers within the Charlotte urban area.

Presentation 2

TEI Public Transit Operators Overview

This meeting was to provide an overview of the services offered, funding sources, expenses, revenue, and National Transit Database (NTD) statistics for all of the operators within the Charlotte urban area.

Presentation 3

TEI Federal and State Transit Programs

This meeting provided an overview of funding for local, state, and federal public transportation and human services transportation services.

Presentation 4

TEI FTA Section 5307 Funding Program

This meeting provided an in-depth presentation on the intent and purpose, eligible activities, and match requirements of the FTA Section 5307 federal transit program. The history and background of the previous CRTPO Board-adopted Section 5307 distribution sub-allocation within the Charlotte urbanized area (UZA) was also covered.

Presentation 5

TEI Interim Report

This presentation was the summary report, of the TEI activities from the kickoff in June 2020 through November 2020, to the CRTPO Board.

Presentation 6

TEI Analysis of Other MPO FTA Section 5307 Suballocation Methodologies

This meeting provided an in-depth analysis of the FTA Section 5307 formula methodology and a range of approaches in comparable sized urbanized areas from across the country.

Presentation 7

TEI MOU and Formula Ideas

This meeting provided 5 formula scenarios and a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the agreement amongst all FTA Section 5307 recipients within the Charlotte UZA.

Presentation 8

TEI MOU and Formula Recommendation

This presentation provided the proposed FTA Section 5307 formula sub-allocation and MOU for distribution amongst funds recipients. The TEI Chair Michael Johnson and CRTPO Transit Planner Jerrel Leonard gave this presentation to the CRTPO Board. The recommended new FTA Section 5307 formula and MOU was adopted by the CRTPO Board in June 2021.