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Bicyclist & Pedestrian Facility Terminology

CRTPO’s Bike Ped Work Group continues to develop common terminology with which to describe and classify our region’s bicyclist and pedestrian infrastructure. Local jurisdictions within the CRTPO planning area are encouraged to utilize the terminology outlined in the document below in classifying facilities for planning documents, funding requests, and project development.

Bike Ped Technology


CRTPO Local Bicycle & Pedestrian Project Costs

In October 2016, CRTPO hosted a Bicycle & Pedestrian Project Costs Panel Discussion at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, bringing experienced bicycle & pedestrian professionals together from around the region and state. Panel members from the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Alta Planning + Design, and NCDOT Local Programs shared actual costs and experiences with implementing projects, and fielded questions from current and potential local project managers.
The event was intended to help staff across the region better anticipate costs and challenges involved with implementing bicycle & pedestrian projects.  A compilation of presentations made during the discussion can be found here.

Costs, regulations, and schedules identified in the presentations are subject to change, and are intended only to be a guide in preliminary project planning and scoping.

Low Bridge Cost

Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Network (PBIN)

From NCDOT’s PBIN web page…

“The Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Network (PBIN) is a geodatabase that includes data on existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout North Carolina. The initial data was collected by NCDOT partners at the North Carolina State University- Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE). The PBIN data is not comprehensive, however, and updates to the geodatabase are ongoing. Municipalities are encouraged to submit their data, in a standardized format compatible with NCDOT’s existing geodatabase.”

The PBIN is an excellent resource for GIS users, and continues to evolve. Please click here to be directed to NCDOT’s PBIN web page.


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