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CRTPO Discretionary Projects

The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) receives direct attributable funds to be allocated to member jurisdiction projects on a competitive basis.

Federal Transit Administration Section 5303 FY2022 Call for Projects is now OPEN

CRTPO receives Federal Transit Administration (FTA) formula funds annually. These funds are used to support multimodal transportation planning projects to its member jurisdictions and transit agencies within the planning area. Planning needs to be cooperative, continuous, and comprehensive, resulting in long-range plans and short-range programs reflecting transportation investment priorities.

The NCDOT allocated FY2022 FTA Section 5303 grant funds for planning projects is projected to be $980,000. This amount is subject to change, and the final amount will be released by NCDOT in January 2021.

The FTA Section 5303 FY2022 call for projects is now open and will close on December 7, 2020 at 5 p.m. The call is for qualifying projects for supporting the economic vitality of the metropolitan area, increase the safety and security of the transportation system for motorized and nonmotorized users, increase of the accessibility and mobility of people and for freight, environmental stewardship, promote energy conservation, improve the quality of life, and promote consistency between transportation improvements locally and regionally, and the enhance and preservation of intermodal connectivity.

Application Materials:

FTA Section 5303 Call for Projects FY2022 Fillable Form (to be completed and submitted)
FTA Section 5303 FY2022 Budget Worksheet (to be completed and submitted)
FTA Section 5303 Agreement (example)
FTA Section 5303 FY2022 Budget Worksheet (example)

If you have any questions about the FTA Section 5303 projects, please contact Jerrel Leonard at Jerrel.Leonard@charlottenc.gov.

2020 Fall Call for New and Shortfall Projects

The call for new and shortfall projects closed on October 16, 2020. The call was for projects up to $8.1 million in STBG-DA funds available for qualifying projects and $26.7 million of Bonus Allocation funding for roadway projects in Mecklenburg County. The number of applications by mode will be posted soon.

If you have any questions about discretionary projects, please contact Jennifer Stafford at jennifer.stafford@charlottenc.gov.

Discretionary Funds Policy Document

At its February 13, 2019 meeting, the CRTPO Board adopted the MPO’s first Discretionary Funds Policy Document. The policy document was revised on August 19, 2020.

The policy and appendices may be found here:

Discretionary Funds Policy Guide (Revised August 19, 2020)
Appendix I (Annual Program Schedule)
Appendix II (Discretionary Funding Amounts)
Appendix III (Roadway Scoring Criteria)
Appendix IV (Bike-Ped Scoring Criteria)

2020 Spring Call for Shortfall Projects

The Spring Shortfall call for existing discretionary projects was open from March 27 until May 1, 2020.  On July 15, 2020, the CRTPO Board approved four applications, shown below, totaling $2,960,827 with Surface Transportation Block Grant Direct Attributable (STBG-DA) funds.  If you have any questions about the award of Shortfall funds, please contact Jennifer Stafford at jennifer.stafford@charlottenc.gov.

Existing CRTPO Discretionary Project Jurisdiction & Project Limits Approved Amount

C-5534 – McKee and Providence Road Intersection Improvements

City of Charlotte – Ballantyne Commons Parkway/McKee Road and Providence Road


U-6248 - NC 75 and Old Providence Road Intersection Improvements

Town of Waxhaw - NC 75 and Old Providence Road


EB-5930 - Downtown Sidewalk Improvements

Town of Troutman - Sidewalk improvements Rumple Street (Main St-Thomas St); Wagner Street (Main St-West Av); Talley Street (Main St-West Av)


EB-5932 - Richardson Greenway South

Town of Troutman – South Main Street from Troutman Elementary School to Jacobs Woods Subdivision


CRTPO Board Approves Discretionary Funds for Area Transportation Projects from the 2019 Fall Call for Projects

  • The CRTPO Board approved $55.4 million in discretionary project funds supporting 28 projects across 17 CRTPO jurisdictions at its February 19, 2020 meeting.

  • A complete list of discretionary projects approved for funding can be found in the news release here.

On February 19, 2020, the CRTPO Board approved the following discretionary project funds by mode:

Transportation Mode

CRTPO Discretionary Project Status

Number of Projects Funded

Total Discretionary Amount


New Projects


$19.4 million

Existing Discretionary


$16.0 million

Bicycle & Pedestrian

New Projects


$3.7 million

Existing Discretionary


$6.0 million


New Project


$9.4 million

Local Planning Projects

New Projects



Total Discretionary Projects


$55.4 million


Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers Workshop

CRTPO hosted a workshop for the Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers in June 2019 and a webinar for completing the Fall Call application in September 2019. Below are recordings from both the workshop regarding NCDOT Agreements and Authorizations and webinar regarding CRTPO's Discretionary Funding application process.

This information is still relevant for the 2020 Fall Call for New and Shortfall Projects open from August 17 - October 16, 2020.