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Thoroughfare Plan

A Thoroughfare Plan provides a functional hierarchy of major streets that permits travel between origins and destinations with directness, ease and safety, and is designed to: provide for the orderly development of an adequate major street system as land development occurs or as traffic increases; reduce the costs of major street improvements, mainly through coordination with private action; reduce travel and transportation costs; enable private interests to plan their actions, improvements, and development with full knowledge of public intent; minimize the disruption of people and business (development can be prohibited in a road corridor, saving future disruption); reduce environmental impacts on air quality, wetlands, historic sites, parks and other publicly used recreational areas, archeological sites, endangered species, and neighborhoods. In the near future, thoroughfare plans will become an element of Comprehensive Transportation Plans, a concept now being developed by NCDOT that will include transit, bicycle and pedestrian modes.

CRTPO’s most recent Thoroughfare Plan update occurred in November 2004 in response to additional areas of Union County becoming a part of CRTPO.


CRTPO Thoroughfare Plan (Map)

What is a Thoroughfare Plan?

Comprehensive Transportation Plan




CRTPO Thoroughfare Plan