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Beyond 77

Beyond 77 Mobilization

The CRTPO Board adopted the Beyond 77 Corridor Study in January 2022 following a two-year comprehensive planning and engagement process. The I-77 corridor area is anticipated to double its population within 30 to 40 years. To prepare for this growth, CRTPO staff led the most comprehensive corridor study ever conducted in the Charlotte region. The Final Report includes a list of 286 recommended strategies and solutions (S&S) to improve mobility throughout the corridor and the Charlotte region. A Beyond 77 Task Force has been established to begin implementing study recommendations.

What does it mean to mobilize Beyond 77?

Throughout the Beyond 77 Study, community-wide feedback was critical in helping develop the final 286 Strategies and Solutions (S&S) that will work to enhance mobility across the region.

Of those Strategies and Solutions, 26 of them are flagged as immediate or short-term by our Task Force. Today, we are full steam ahead with the mobilization process. This is where we bring partners and stakeholders together to evaluate next steps for implementing the most important immediate and short-term solutions.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Task Force identifies S&S
of highest priority
Local implementors
and partners are
A plan is made to fund
and activate S&S
S&S are fully funded
and implemented
Stages of Mobilization

Our current list of Strategies and Solutions has been divided into six themes that best exemplify a core transportation pillar. They are:

  • Policy and Programming
  • Technology: Connected/Autonomous Vehicles
  • Technology: Intelligent Transportation System Pilot Studies
  • Funding & Equity
  • Active Transportation: Bicycle and Pedestrian
  • Public Transit

Mobilization with Immediate Impact

As a part of the Mobilization process, our Task Force has created a short list of Strategies and Solutions (S&S) that can, and should, have an immediate impact. To further analyze those 26 Solutions, we have developed transportation themes. The themes not only break our list of 26 S&S into bite-size pieces, but it allows Task Force members with specific expertise to advocate and translate the impact of S&S that have the greatest impact on them.

Understanding the themes ensures that the Task Force has representation of all of the priorities that matter to them. Further, understanding the objective of each theme means that each S&S for prioritization can be considered more carefully.

A booklet describing the first 26 S&S, the Beyond 77 Mobilization Digests, can be found here.

Beyond 77 Mobilization Digests

Visit the Beyond 77 Task Force webpage for up-to-date activities related to these 26 S&S we are currently working on.

The Beyond 77 Corridor Study

Beyond 77 Corridor Study Final Report This report provides an overview and highlights of the planning process of this paramount initiative.

Suit Up! Application

Strategic Users Implementation Tool
This online application is to allow planners, decision makers, and the general public to interact with each of the proposed recommendations – providing expanded detail on estimated cost, coordination, and the communities each serves.

Fast Application

Funding Alternative Strategies Tool
This online application is to explore short-term funding alternative strategies across multiple counties within the North Carolina portion of the Charlotte metropolitan area.

Additional information gathered during the Beyond 77 Corridor Study is on the Study page.


Robert Cook, AICP
Beyond 77 Project Manager

For questions regarding the Beyond 77 Corridor Study or Mobilization Phase, please contact us at