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Beyond 77 Mobilization

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Beyond 77 Mobilization

What does it mean to Mobilize Beyond 77?

Throughout the Beyond 77 Study, community-wide feedback was critical in helping develop the final 286 Strategies and Solutions (S&S) that will work to enhance mobility across the region. Of those Strategies and Solutions, 26 of them are flagged as immediate or short-term by our Task Force. Today, we are full steam ahead with the mobilization process. This is where we bring partners and stakeholders together as the Beyond 77 Coalition to evaluate next steps for implementing the most important immediate and short-term solutions.

Our current list of Strategies and Solutions has been divided into six themes that best exemplify a core transportation pillar. They are:

  • Policy and Programming
  • Technology: Connected/Autonomous Vehicles
  • Technology: Intelligent Transportation System Pilot Studies
  • Funding & Equity
  • Active Transportation: Bicycle and Pedestrian
  • Public Transit

This online application is to allow planners, decision makers, and the general public to interact with each of the proposed recommendations – providing expanded detail on estimated cost, coordination, and the communities each serves.

This online application is to explore short-term funding alternative strategies across multiple counties within the North Carolina portion of the Charlotte metropolitan area.

Mobilization with Immediate Impact

As a part of the Mobilization process, the Task Force created a prioritized list Strategies and Solutions (S&S) that can be implemented within a short-term timeframe. To further analyze those 26 Solutions, transportation themes were developed. The themes not only break the list of 26 S&S into implementable projects and programs, but it allows Task Force members advocate for the S&Ss that have the greatest impact on their jurisdictions.

Understanding the themes ensures that the Task Force has representation of all of the priorities that matter to them. Further, understanding the objective of each theme means that each S&S for prioritization can be considered more carefully. A booklet describing the first 26 S&S, the Beyond 77 Mobilization Digests, can be found here.


Step I


The Beyond 77 Task Force identifies Strategies & Solutions of the highest priority, emphasizing those which may be the most impactful to commuter, resident, business, and visitor experiences along the corridor study alignment.


This process was concluded on October 19, 2023 with some of the immediate and short-term Strategies and Solutions prioritized by the Task Force.

Step II


Local implementers and partners are tapped to affirm support with those Strategies & Solutions identified as most important in Phase I, giving visibility to those public, private, and non-profit stakeholders who will play a key role in the implementation stage.


A total of 20 partners were identified to support the planning and implementation efforts defined by each Strategy & Solution, including our local member jurisdictions, Centralina Regional Council, and North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Scroll to the Task Force section below to read more about the group’s mission, core activities, and meeting archives.

Step III


A plan is devised to fund and implement Strategies and Solutions, sourced from an understanding of existing and future alternative funding strategies as well as integration into existing initiatives of implementation partners.

In Progress

The development of a Beyond 77 Coalition is in progress. The purpose of this policy would be to form a series of agreements to enable a program that allows the CRTPO and its regional and jurisdictional partners to see through the implementation of many key strategies and solutions that are recommended from the Beyond 77 initiative.

Step IV


Beyond 77’s Strategies and Solutions are assigned ownership to their respective agencies and paired with potential funding resources.

Not yet started

A regional program for Beyond 77 solutions implementation will prioritize solutions and identify funding sources. Leadership from all jurisdictions within the study area should collaborate in the efforts to implement strategies and solutions from the Beyond 77 study.

Task Force

In May 2022, a 20 member task force began work to implement the four-point scope of work for the Mobilization phase, including…

  1. Input and approval for the marketing plan
  2. Advocate and help with the coordination process with the other major initiatives and their outcomes within the study area and/or the CRTPO planning area
  3. Evaluate, prioritize, and set the course of action for the shortlist of recommendations
  4. Discussion and execution of a regional/county plan on funding alternative solution(s)

The Task Force provided guidance to staff in the development of Reports and Tools, outlined in the Mobilization Deliverables section below.

Task Force Mission Statement

Engage the region’s governments, stakeholders, and residents to act on transportation opportunities and serve as the champions to guide the strategies and priorities from the Beyond 77 Study, to help transform opportunities into solutions that improve and enhance mobility, equity, quality of life, resiliency, and economic prosperity.

Task Force Members
NameAgency/OrganizationFocus Areas
Alex RotenberryNCDOT – IMDTransit and active transportation
Andrew VentrescaTown of TroutmanPlanner/TCC vice chair
Andy GrzymskiCharlotte DOTPlanner/roadway
Arthur CashwellGaston-Cleveland-Lincoln MPOPlanner/CRAFT, region
Bill ThunbergLake Norman Transportation CommissionLake Norman area
Commissioner Rob KidwellCity of Huntersville CommissionElected official
Dr. Mike MiltichFormer CRTPO Board ChairInfluencer, former CRTPO Chair
Dr. Sylvia Bittle-PattonCherry Community OrganizationHousing and Land-use
Irene IvieMecklenburg CountyPublic Health / BikePed
Johanna QuinnCharlotte DOTPlanner/active transportation
Mayor Pro Tem Braxton WinstonCity of Charlotte CouncilElected official
Mayor Pro Tem Lisa QuallsTown of Mooresville CommissionElected official/CRTPO Board vice chair
Michael JohnsonFormer CRTPO Board ChairInfluencer, former CRTPO Chair
Michelle NanceCentralina Regional CouncilPlanner/Region
Mshauri A.J. SimmonsAll Means, The Males Place, UNCCYouth, SBE
Rickey HallWest Blvd Neighborhood CoalitionEquity, Neighborhood coalition
Scott Miller NCDOT – DivisionsDivisions 10 and 12
Tim GibbsFormer Charlotte DOT Transportation PlannerInfluencer, former Charlotte DOT Planner
Tony LathropNCBOT – NC Board of TransportationDivisions 10 and 12
Warren CookseyNCDOT – NC Turnpike AuthorityDirector of Outreach and Community Affairs
Task Force Members
Task Force Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Meeting #9 – October 19, 2023 – Agenda

Implementer Meeting – August 29, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes

Implementer Meeting – August 28, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes

Meeting #8 – August 7, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes

Meeting #7 – May 25, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes

Meeting #6 – March 30, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes

Meeting #5 – January 30, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes

Meeting #4 – November 21, 2022 – Agenda | Minutes

Meeting #3 – September 28, 2022 – Agenda | Minutes

Meeting #2 – August 15, 2022 – Agenda | Minutes

Task Force Kickoff Meeting – May 23, 2022 – Agenda | Minutes

Mobilization Deliverables

Beyond 77 Mobilization Digests

The Beyond 77 Mobilization Digests offer a summary of the 26 strategies and solutions being reviewed by the Task Force. An introduction to the digest is available to summarize the work completed in this phase of Beyond 77.


Paul Benton, PE
Beyond 77 Project Manager

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