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Discretionary Grants Program

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About The Program

The Charlotte Regional Transportation Organization (CRTPO) receives direct attributable funds, also known as discretionary grants, to be allocated to member jurisdictions for specific projects on a competitive basis. Project selection is guided by the CRTPO Board-approved Discretionary Grants Program Policy Guide. The Guide prioritizes projects in the region that will utilize federal funds. Selected projects will be added to CRTPO’s Metropolitan Transportation Program (MTP) and adopted into the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

CRTPO Discretionary Grants Program Policy Guiding Principles

  1. Projects must be federal funds-eligible.
  2. There is an annual schedule for proposing, scoring, and funding projects.
  3. Project scoring is consistent with requirements of various funding sources.
  4. Process addresses project funding shortfalls.
  5. Process is iterative.
  6. Policy is transparent and easily understood by stakeholders.

Awarded Projects

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Discretionary Grant Funding

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Project Oversight Committee

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