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Discretionary Grant Funding

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2024 Shortfall Call for Existing CRTPO Discretionary Grant Funded Projects

The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) receives direct attributable funds to be allocated to member jurisdiction projects on a competitive basis.

The CRTPO opened a call for supplemental funds on existing roadway, bike/pedestrian, and transit projects where available discretionary federal and state funding sources are considered for programming from March 1 – April 30, 2024. The Spring Call is now closed.

On August 23, 2023, an education session was held on how to apply for discretionary grants and recent changes to the policy. Click on the image below to view the video. View the Discretionary Grants Program 2023 Fall Call – Applying for Funds presentation here.

If you have any questions about discretionary projects, please contact Jennifer Stafford at

Discretionary Grants Program, 2023 Fall Call, Applying for Funds Education Session

Discretionary Grants Program Policy Document

The CRTPO uses the Policy to prioritize and program all projects within the planning area that utilize discretionary grants. This process involves an annual call for new local highway, intersection, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian projects and a biannual call for existing discretionary projects that require supplemental funds.

The policy may be found here:

Discretionary Grants Program Policy Guide (The CRTPO Board adopted the revised Policy Guide on September 20, 2023.)

CRTPO Transportation Funding Programs Brochure: State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Discretionary Projects Program

Discretionary Grant Funded Projects
CRTPO Discretionary Projects Map

The map above shows projects funded through the Discretionary Grants Program from 2019 – 2022.

Locally Administered Projects Workshop

On May 8, 2023, the CRTPO in conjunction with FHWA and NCDOT, hosted a training workshop for project delivery of federally funded projects. 

Below are links to the presentation and the speaker contact information.  A link to the recorded Workshop will be available later.

Overview of CRTPO’s Call for ProjectsJennifer Stafford, jennifer.stafford@charlottenc.govDevelopment Planner, CRTPO
Funding, Monitoring & Reporting, and ExpectationsVacantLocal Programs Manager, FHWA
Overview of Federal-aid Project Delivery, Documents, and Submittals.  Helpful HintsJeff Burleson, jaburleson@ncdot.govLocally Admin.  Projects Engineer, NCDOT
Agreements and On-boarding ConsultantsMarta Matthews, mtmatthews@ncdot.govLocal Programs Manager, NCDOT
Environmental DocumentationJoel Howard, jmhoward@ncdot.govPDEA Engineer, NCDOT
Right of WayJason Callicutt, Jacallicutt@ncdot.govROW Agent, NCDOT
Utilities/Railroads (timeline/scheduling)Lynn Basinger, TLBasinger@ncdot.govUtilities Engineer, NCDOT
Specifications/Contract Proposal/Bidding & Award of Contract ProcessJared Mathis, jsmathis@ncdot.govContracts Engineer, NCDOT
Construction Contract Administration and Project CloseoutKellie Crump, ext-kkcrump@ncdot.govTransportation Engineer II, NCDOT/KCA
NCDOT’s Enterprise Business Services (EBS) Portal (agreement request, document review, reimbursement process, etc.)Marta Matthews, mtmatthews@ncdot.govLocal Programs Manager, NCDOT
Workshop topics, presentations, and contact information.


Federal Highway Administration Locally Administered Project Review Checklist

North Carolina Department of Transportation Locally Administered Project Review Checklist

Discretionary Grants Webinars

How to apply for grants webinar: August 11, 2021 
View the webinar recording here: Discretionary Grants Application Webinar

Planning funding webinar: September 22, 2021
View the webinar recording here: Planning Funds Webinar (video)
View the webinar presentation here: Planning Funds Webinar (pdf)
View the planning project resources here: Planning Projects Resources

Additional Resources:
View the Cost Estimating Tools page for additional resources.


How to apply for grants webinar recording: Discretionary Grants Application Webinar

If you have any questions about discretionary projects, please contact Jennifer Stafford at

NCDOT Agreements & Authorizations – June 24, 2019

Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers Workshop

CRTPO hosted a workshop for the Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers in June 2019. Below is the recording from the workshop regarding NCDOT Agreements and Authorizations.