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Discretionary Grant Funding

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2022 Fall Call for New and Shortfall Projects

The CRTPO’s Fall Call for projects was open from August 15 to October 28. The Call was for projects in which all available discretionary federal and state funding sources will be considered for programming. There are approximately $58 million in funds available for award.

The annual fall call consists of the following opportunities for member jurisdictions within the CRTPO planning area:

  1. New discretionary funded capital projects (roadway, bike/ped, and transit)
  2. Supplementary funds for existing CRTPO projects
  3. New planning projects (i.e., feasibility studies)

Below is a summary of applications received during the 2022 fall call:

2022 Fall Call Application Summary

If you have any questions about discretionary projects, please contact Jennifer Stafford at

Fall Call TImeline
2022 Fall Call Timeline

Discretionary Funds Policy Document

At its February 13, 2019 meeting, the CRTPO Board adopted the MPO’s first Discretionary Funds Policy Document. The policy document was revised on August 19, 2020.

The policy and appendices may be found here:

Discretionary Funds Policy Guide (Revised August 19, 2020)
Appendix I (Annual Program Schedule)
Appendix II (Discretionary Funding Amounts)
Appendix III (Roadway Scoring Criteria)
Appendix IV (Bike-Ped Scoring Criteria)

CRTPO Transportation Funding Programs Brochure: State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Discretionary Projects Program

Discretionary Funds Webinars

How to apply for grants webinar: August 11, 2021 
View the webinar recording here: Discretionary Funds Application Webinar

Planning funding webinar: September 22, 2021
View the webinar recording here: Planning Funds Webinar (video)
View the webinar presentation here: Planning Funds Webinar (pdf)
View the planning project resources here: Planning Projects Resources

Additional Resources:
View the Cost Estimating Tools page for additional resources.


How to apply for grants webinar recording: Discretionary Funds Application Webinar

If you have any questions about discretionary projects, please contact Jennifer Stafford at

NCDOT Agreements & Authorizations – June 24, 2019

Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers Workshop

CRTPO hosted a workshop for the Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers in June 2019. Below is the recording from the workshop regarding NCDOT Agreements and Authorizations.