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2050 MTP

2050 MTP

Public Engagement

MTP 2050 Public Engagement

Envisioning Our Transportation Future

Envisioning Our Transportation Future – CRTPO 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan


The Metropolitan Transportation Plan defines the policies, programs and projects to be implemented through 2050 in order to reduce congestion, improve safety, support land use plans, and provide mobility choices in the CRTPO planning area. It also addresses the goals and objectives of the CRTPO, the various components of the transportation planning process, socio-economic and financial assumptions, and transportation-related environmental and health issues.

As the designated regional transportation planning entity for all of Iredell and Mecklenburg counties, and the western and central, urban portions of Union County, the CRTPO is responsible for the long-range transportation planning efforts for the region. The CRTPO, in partnership with the federal, state, and local agencies, works collaboratively to address the transportation needs of the region.

Approved Goals and Objectives

CRTPO has developed six proposed goals and various supporting objectives to serve as the framework for its MTP, as well as its other planning and programming initiatives.  The Goals and Objectives were approved in February 2021 and are a key component of the MTP.

  1. Provide, manage, and maintain a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system.
  2. Promote an integrated, accessible, multimodal transportation system.
  3. Develop transportation plans and policies that improve quality of life for residents, are sensitive to significant features of the natural and human environment, and encourage linkages between transportation and land use.
  4. Promote equitable transportation options for the economically disadvantaged, minority, aging, and disabled populations.
  5. Lead, participate in, and encourage regional and statewide collaboration.
  6. Support economic competitiveness by making transportation investment decisions that effectively utilize limited public resources, enhance system performance, and encourage opportunities for freight movement.

Financial Projections

The MTP must demonstrate reasonable anticipated future revenues to compensate for the proposed project investments through the year 2050.  In order to do this, a financial plan is developed based on in-depth analysis of anticipated revenues from federal, state, and local sources.  To date, the 2050 MTP roadway and non-roadway project financial projections have been approved by the CRTPO Board.

The 2050 MTP financial plan includes projections for roadway, non-roadway, federal discretionary funds, maintenance, and transit.  


Roadway Icon


A significant component of the MTP is the roadway project list, which identifies priority projects through the year 2050.  Each of the jurisdictions within CRTPO’s planning area had an opportunity (Jan 25 – Feb 12, 2021) to submit roadway projects for consideration in the MTP. 240 candidate roadway projects were submitted and evaluated, resulting in an adopted MTP project list.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Icon

Bicycle and Pedestrian

Bicycle and pedestrian projects that already have funding committed are also included in the MTP.  For the 2050 MTP, 26 bicycle and pedestrian projects are proposed to be included.

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Transit projects are another significant element of the MTP project list.  2050 MTP transit projects are under development.  More information will be provided when transit projects have been identified.

MTP Roadway Project Evaluation Process

MTP Roadway Project Evaluation Process

Project List

Following a 30-day public comment period, the CRTPO Board adopted the 2050 MTP fiscally constrained project list, bicycle and pedestrian projects and active transportation corridors during the August 18, 2021 board meeting. You may still use the mapping application below to review the adopted project lists.

2050 MTP Roadway Project List
2050 MTP Roadway Project List

Read the 2050 MTP

The CRTPO Board adopted the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) on March 23, 2022. 

2050 MTP by Chapter

2050 MTP Appendices

Appendix A – Public Engagement
Appendix B – Environmental Justice Analysis
Appendix C – Public Transportation
Appendix D – Scenario Planning
Appendix E – Congestion Management Process
Appendix F – Active Transportation Corridor Screening Analysis
Appendix G – Alternative Funding Analysis
Appendix H – Roadway Project Evaluation
Appendix I – Performance-Based Planning and Programming

Please email any questions or comments to

Phase 2 Public Comments
Phase 2 Public Comments

2050 MTP Public Comments and CRTPO Staff Responses(January 18-February 17, 2022)