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2055 MTP

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The Metropolitan Transportation Plan defines the policies, programs and projects to be implemented through 2055 in order to manage congestion, improve safety, support land use plans, and provide mobility choices in the CRTPO planning area. It also addresses the goals and objectives of the CRTPO, the various components of the transportation planning process, socio-economic and financial assumptions, and transportation-related environmental and health issues.

As the designated regional transportation planning entity for all of Iredell and Mecklenburg counties, and the western and central, urban portions of Union County, the CRTPO is responsible for the long-range transportation planning efforts for the region. The CRTPO, in partnership with the federal, state, and local agencies, works collaboratively to address the transportation needs of the region.

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Want to learn more about the 2055 MTP?

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Project Timeline 

April 15, 2024Project Launch!
June 3 – July 3, 2024Conduct the first phase of engagement, identify candidate projects and transportation needs and vision 
Fall 2024Project evaluation 
Winter 2024/2025Develop cost estimations and identify key performance indicators 
Spring 2025Conduct second phase of engagement and review draft recommendations 
Summer 2025Produce the 2055 MTP document 
Fall 2025Conduct third phase of engagement, plan review and validation 
Winter 2025/2026Federal review 
Spring 2026Adoption 
2055 MTP Project Timeline

Phase 1 Engagement 

Our first phase of engagement was designed to raise awareness about the 2055 MTP, identify transportation needs and challenges, review draft Goals and Objectives for the plan, and gather feedback for identifying candidate projects. Your feedback was important in ensuring that the recommendations developed later in the process are built on a solid foundation. 

How can you engage with the 2055 MTP? 

Good news! There’s a variety of ways that you can learn more about and provide feedback on the development of the 2055 MTP. We encourage you to participate in any and all ways that you wish. See below for how you can provide feedback throughout the engagement process: 

Visit the website for digital engagement opportunities. In Phase 1, we rolled out a digital survey and an interactive map that was accessible on a computer or any mobile device. 

Connect with the project team at local events. We plan on attending a variety of community events and festivals to connect with people around the region. If you know of a great local event that we should attend, please reach out and let us know at

Attend the CRTPO Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and Board meetings. Our TCC and Board meet regularly, and there will be regular updates on the 2055 MTP. These meetings are open to the public so feel free to attend and connect with our project team there. Click here to learn more about the TCC and Board meetings and see the schedule.  

Contact Us! 

Want to leave a message for the project team? Please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 


When will the plan be done? 

The 2055 MTP will be available in draft format for public review in the Fall of 2025. Final adoption of the plan will occur in early 2026. 

Why is the CRTPO doing this plan now? 

The MTP for the CRTPO is federally required to be updated every four years. 

How does this plan work with other plans from around the region? 

The 2055 MTP is the guiding transportation plan for our region (all of Iredell and Mecklenburg counties, and the western and central, urban portions of Union County), and is designed to incorporate the transportation vision of local plans for all our member jurisdictions. As the name says, the 2055 MTP looks all the way out to 2055 to identify transportation projects that need to be built, how to fund them, and which ones to build first. The plan is done in partnership with local communities across the region. 

What goals drive this plan? 

As part of the development of the 2055 MTP, Goals and Objectives will be identified based on public feedback and collaboration with our partners across the region. An important part of the first phase of engagement will be to gather feedback on a draft set of Goals and Objectives, so please be sure to provide feedback on those when available (June 2024).  

How can I stay up to date on the process? 

Follow us on social media and keep checking this site for updates. We’ll be updating the site with new opportunities to engage, resources and documents developed during the planning process, and other relevant information.