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2024-2033 TIP Development Process

NCDOT Adopts 2024-2033 STIP

The NCDOT has demonstrated fiscal constraint on the 2024-2033 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) adopted on June 6, 2023. The CRTPO’s 2024-2033 TIP is a subset of the STIP and by extension therefore demonstrates fiscal constraint. The fiscal constraint funding summary for the 2024-2027 program years of the CRTPO’s TIP can be viewed here.

The CRTPO held two public comment periods to receive input on the 2024-2033 Draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), amendments to the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), and the air quality conformity determination report for the MTP & TIP. CRTPO staff received four comments. Comments and staff responses are available on the public comment log here.

The CRTPO adopted the 2024-2033 TIP, the 2050 MTP amendments, and an air quality conformity determination at the June 21, 2023 Board meeting. 

2024-2033 Draft TIP Project Lists; 2050 MTP Amendments; and air quality conformity analysis and determination report

NCDOT project schedule delays are due to swaps, delivery schedule changes, and STIP balancing to ensure fiscal constraint is met.

Updated April 2023

Updated October 2022

Updated October 2022

Strategic Transportation Investment Legislation

Passed in 2013, the Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) law allows the NCDOT to use its funding more efficiently and effectively to enhance the state’s infrastructure, while supporting economic growth, job creation and a higher quality of life. This process encourages thinking from a statewide and regional perspective while also providing flexibility to address local needs.

STI also establishes the Strategic Mobility Formula, which allocates available revenues based on data-driven scoring and local input. It is used to develop NCDOT’s State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which identifies the transportation projects that will receive funding during a specified 10-year period.

The STI Legislation (§ 136-189, Article 14B) can be viewed here

NCDOT’s STI webpage can be viewed here

2024-2033 STIP Development Process

The 2024-2033 STIP is being developed using existing projects from the currently adopted 2020-2029 STIP. The development process followed a three step process.

Step 1 – Start from scratch – build next STIP from existing 2020-2029 STIP funded projects (no new P6 evaluated projects)

Step 2 – Develop list of “Delivery projects” – first funded based on upcoming let dates, right-of-way purchases, and grants

Step 3 – Determine which of the remaining 2020-2029 funded projects remain in STIP: Seniority Approach (P3-P4-P5)

2024-2033 STIP Policy Webinar

2024-2033 STIP/TIP Development Schedule

EventTime Frame
STIP outreach sessions, draft STIP public comment period, AND MPO/RPO coordination meetingsSpring 2022 – Fall 2022
NCDOT revises draft STIPFall 2022
NCDOT releases revised draft 2024-2033 STIPWinter 2022
Draft STIP public comment period and NCDOT finalizes 2024-2033 STIPWinter 2022 – Spring 2023
2024 – 2033 TIP Public Comment Period (30 Days) on conformity Determination Report, 2050 MTP Amendments, and Draft 2024-2033 TIP. March 16 – April 14, 2023
NCDOT Distributed final version of Draft 2024-2033 STIPApril 3, 2023
Supplementary Public Comment Period (14 days) on conformity Determination Report, 2050 MTP Amendments, and Draft 2024-2033 TIP.May 4 – May 17, 2023
Board of Transportation adopts final 2024-2033 STIPJune 2023
CRTPO Board Adopts 2024-2033 TIPJune 21, 2023
MPOs approve TIPs and FHWA approves final 2024‐2033 STIPSummer 2023
2024 – 2033 TIP / STIP Release Timeline