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Many agencies across the nation have been integrating performance management into their transportation planning processes long before it was federally mandated. Adopting non-federal performance measures provides an opportunity for agencies to track performance measures that are significant at the local level. CRTPO developed a series of non-federal performance measures and targets based on peer MPO research and stakeholder coordination, utilizing established plans and available data sources to minimize staff resources for monitoring and reporting purposes. Details of the process to establish these non-federal measures and targets are documented in CRTPO’s Performance Management Report.

Performance Measures & Targets

On October 18, 2017, CRTPO agreed to pursue seven (7) non-federal performance measures.  CRTPO’s non-federal performance measures and targets are shown in the table below.

Performance MeasuresCRTPO Targets
Miles of bicycle facilities36 miles by 2025
Miles of pedestrian facilities35 miles by 2025
Miles of shared facilities22 miles by 2025
% of total households in the CRTPO Planning Area within 15 minutes of a Regional Activity Center50% of households by 2045
Fixed Transit* – % of total households and employees within 1/2 mile of station20% of households/35% of employees by 2045
Bus Transit** – % of total households and employees with 1/4 mile of bus route50% of households/70% of employees by 2045
% of total employees located within a Strategic Freight Mobility Corridor85% of total employees by 2045
Non-Federal Performance Measures Table

*Fixed transit includes light rail, streetcar, bus rapid transit, and commuter rail.
**Bus transit focuses on rubber tire buses.



CRTPO will monitor the non-federal targets every four years as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) update cycle.