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Traffic Data Program

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FY2022 CRTPO Traffic Data Program

In 2015, the CRTPO initiated the Traffic Data Program (TDP). Its purpose is to support transportation planning and research efforts that will advance initiatives and planning projects throughout the CRTPO planning area. This fiscal year, the application window will open on September 15, 2021, and will remain open until May 16, 2022.

In anticipation of a high volume of requests to conduct traffic counts related to changes attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff will give priority to requests to (1) locations without any traffic data and; (2) locations where the most recent data available are more than four years old.

The CRTPO has $60,000 in Planning (PL) funds programmed within the FY 2022 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) to support the TDP for eligible requests from member jurisdictions that meet the criteria specified within this document. Due to the federal funding type, a minimum twenty (20) percent match is mandatory for all project submittals. The maximum traffic count award for each jurisdiction will be $6,000 (10% of max. allocation for the FY 2022 TDP). The CRTPO has partnered with the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) to retain three vendors to collect, process, and distribute the data to the member jurisdiction. All project data will be delivered as soon as the information is received and processed, and the delivery format will be based on the type of data requested. The project information may also be made available to the public (upon request). The available program funds may be insufficient to satisfy all project requests thus CRTPO staff reserves the right to allocate funds based on equitable distribution of the available resources. This fiscal year, CRTPO staff will first ensure the request meets the criteria as stated below, and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Project Submittal Criteria

  • A 20% local match is required
  • The traffic data will typically involve Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) designated roadways (Boulevards, thoroughfares, and collector roads)
  • The requested traffic data type shall be clearly specified (i.e. intersection turning movement, corridor, bicycle/pedestrian, heavy vehicle counts, etc.)
  • The duration of the requested count data shall be specified (i.e. peak hour, school arrival/dismissal, holiday, 16-hour signal warrant, 24-hour, 1 week, etc.)
  • A map depicting the requested count locations shall be included as part of the submittal
  • Email all supporting data to
  • Requested data should be used in association with transportation planning projects
  • A justification/explanation of the intended use of the data will be required for each project submittal. Examples include: Traffic volume data needed for capital project planning, pedestrian counts to assist greenway planning, etc.
  • Project request forms must be submitted by the CRTPO member jurisdiction for each project by the specified due date
  • Exceptions may be made so submit any relevant projects

Please note the following program guidelines

  • Submitting a proposal does not guarantee that funds will be awarded.
  • The funds may not be available to provide the total amount of each project request.
  • Funds will be provided only to jurisdictions with CRTPO voting privileges at the time the UPWP is adopted.
  • PL funds are federal funds; thus, grantees must adhere to federal policies regarding the use of PL funds.
  • The project selection will be made on a case by case basis and determined at the discretion of CRTPO staff.

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