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2012 – 2018 TIP Development Process

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Prioritization 2.0 Final Scores (Released January 31, 2012):


Background Information:

Upon taking office in January 2009, Governor Purdue issued Executive Order No. 2, calling for Transportation Reform at the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). As part of that effort, NCDOT’s Strategic Planning Office of Transportation (SPOT) was charged with developing data driven criteria to rank transportation projects statewide, with the goal of making the process more transparent and easier to understand. The initial prioritization process, Prioritization 1.0, focused on highway projects and was used last year as part of the development of the draft State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The process is based on a combination of quantitative data, qualitative input and multi-modal characteristics. MPOs, RPOs and NCDOT Division Offices provide the qualitative input by submitting priority projects to SPOT.

NCDOT has built upon the efforts of the first prioritization process (Prioritization 1.0) to refine and enhance the way transportation projects are scored and ranked. Prioritization 2.0 was introduced in the spring of 2011, and includes enhanced scoring models for highway projects, as well as non-highway projects. New candidate projects were submitted to SPOT in July 2011. After being scored using SPOT’s quantitative scoring methodology, local input ranking will be applied and final scores will be released. Projects submitted by CRTPO can be found below.

Prioritization of these projects will help drive the development of the next 10-year Work Program scheduled to be released in July 2012. The Department’s Prioritization process is solely focused on ranking projects.  More information regarding this process can be found on the NCDOT Transportation Reform page.

The table below includes information that was developed during the P2.0 process, and was used by the TCC and MPO to make recommendations about which CRTPO projects should be included in the prioritization database.

All quantitative scores were released by NCDOT on September 29, 2011.  Local Input Points/Ranks for highway, bicycle & pedestrian, and transit projects were submitted to NCDOT by December 16, 2011. Final scores are anticipated to be released in early 2012.