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2016 – 2025 TIP Development Process

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CRTPO’s NCDOT P3.0 Local Input Points Allocation Process

At the August 20,2014 CRTPO meeting, the MPO approved the final list of projects proposed for the allocation of local input points under NCDOT’s Prioritization 3.0. This represents the culmination of a nine-month process for CRTPO to develop a local input points methodology, rank the proposed projects, conduct public involvement on the proposed list of projects, and approve the final list based upon the guidelines developed by NCDOT and the STI legislation. NCDOT will calculate the final project scores by including the local input points assigned to projects, and will develop a DRAFT Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) anticipated in December of 2014.

A 30-day public comment period on CRTPO’s DRAFT list of projects proposed to receive local input points was conducted from June 19, 2014 until July 21, 2014. A summary of the public comments received may be viewed here.

Local Input Points from MPOs and NCDOT Divisions contribute to the final project scores for Regional Impact and Division Needs tier projects under P3.0 – (see STI legislation for more details)

CRTPO is eligible for allocating the following amount of local input points:

  • 2,500 for Regional Impact category projects
  • 2,500 for Division Needs category projects

CRTPO developed a methodology for allocating its local input points that includes a quantitative, qualitative and public involvement component. CRTPO conducted a two-week public comment period from January 28, 2014 to Wednesday, February 12, 2014 to obtain comments on its proposed Prioritization 3.0 (P3.0) Draft Local Input Point Methodology. View the summary of public comments received on CRTPO’s draft local points methodology here.

Review CRTPO’s Approved local point allocation methodology for NCDOT P3.0

CRTPO Points Allocation Process Flowchart

subcommittee of TCC members was formed to ensure that the allocation of CRTPO’s local input points was consistent with the methodology that has been adopted by the MPO and conditionally approved by the NCDOT-Strategic Prioritization Office of Transportation. The subcommittee endorsed the assignment of 2,500 local input points to 25 highway and 1 non-highway Regional Impact tier projects. The projects proposed for local input points assignment in the Regional Impact and Division Needs tiers can be viewed below:

CRTPO Local Input Points Assignment Narrative

NCDOT P3.0 Project Scores

Statewide Mobility:


Mecklenburg & Union Counties Iredell County Non-Highway Projects
Regional ImpactRegion E Highway Project ListRegion F Highway Project ListListMap
Division NeedsDivision 10 Project ListDivision 12 Project ListListMap

P3.0 Update Presentations at CRTPO Meetings: