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Public Involvement

Public Involvement

The CRTPO values your input! Your ideas and views are valuable to the CRTPO as it develops plans and allocates funds for improving the region´s transportation system. The CRTPO encourages public participation and input in all areas of transportation planning.

Get Involved

There are several ways residents may get involved to provide feedback during the CRTPO’s planning processes.

CRTPO Board Meeting Public Comment

Residents may provide comments during monthly CRTPO Board meetings. Residents who wish to speak can sign up before the start of the meeting, or contact the CRTPO Secretary (email@crtpo.org) prior to the meeting. The public comment period is limited to 20 minutes and an individual speaker’s time is limited to three (3) minutes. Organizations wishing to make presentations to the Board must contact the Secretary at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

Public Information Meeting Information

Resident Input During Public Comment Periods

Residents may provide input regarding plan updates (TIP, MTP, CTP) by providing input by e-mail, regular mail, or submitting a written form during meetings. Where feasible, the CRTPO will attempt to use online interactive mapping to allow residents to provide input.

Presentations to the Community

The CRTPO staff routinely shares presentations on its core transportation planning processes and plan updates to residents. Staff has given presentations to civic groups, city councils, planning boards, chambers of commerce, professional organizations, advocacy groups, and neighborhood/homeowners associations regarding plans of interest to these groups. Interested groups may contact the CRTPO staff (email@crtpo.org) to request a presentation.

Public Involvement Plan

The CRTPO recognizes the importance of conducting effective public engagement as a critical component of the continuing, cooperative and comprehensive (3-C) process upon which its activities are based. The CRTPO is required to develop and use a documented participation plan providing for reasonable opportunities for residents to be involved in the metropolitan planning process.


The CRTPO has prepared two plans to guide its outreach efforts to minority and low-income populations, as well as residents with limited English language skills. The Title VI plan addresses Title VI and EJ populations. The CRTPO has a separate plan entitled, Limited English Proficiency Plan, to describe methods to engage populations with the limited ability to read, write, speak or understand English.


The CRTPO board adopted the updated PIP during the November 15, 2017 meeting. On November 17, 2021 the CRTPO board adopted the amendment to the PIP which includes an update to the CTP section and appendices.

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Public Involvement Plan


Annual Report

FY2021 Annual Public Involvement Summary


Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

You may also contact CRTPO staff at email@crtpo.org to express your opinions on the transportation planning process in Iredell, Mecklenburg and Union counties.

Visit the Public Meetings and Announcements page for scheduled public involvement meetings