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The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) is applying for federal funding through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Discretionary Grant program. The CRTPO’s application is titled Making Our Roads SAFER: A Cross-Jurisdictional Study. If awarded, this grant will allow the CRTPO to conduct detailed safety audits in historically underserved and transportation disadvantaged communities throughout Iredell, Mecklenburg, and western Union counties.

CRTPO Awarded $5 Million in USDOT Federal Funding through the RAISE Grant Program

On June 26, 2024, the CRTPO was awarded $5 million for its application, Making Our Roads SAFER: A Cross-Jurisdictional Study. The CRTPO is one of three recipients in North Carolina and one of 148 projects awarded RAISE funds from across the country.

As the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Charlotte Urban Area, the CRTPO is responsible for coordinating transportation planning efforts with the member jurisdictions within its planning area boundary. MPOs are involved in regional planning, funding, and policy development for all modes of transportation, so the CRTPO is uniquely positioned to lead cross-jurisdictional studies that require complex coordination. CRTPO staff possesses extensive experience with project management, grant reporting, and public engagement.

As directed by Congress in the BIL, projects located in the areas identified in the map below are eligible for up to 100 percent federal cost share. The CRTPO will be selecting targeted geographies within these areas to study based on data-driven safety analysis.

Map of the CRTPO planning area highlighting areas of persistent poverty, historically disadvantaged communities, and rural areas.
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How is the CRTPO Making Our Roads SAFER?

The safety of everyone that travels through the region – by whatever mode they choose – is a priority for the CRTPO. Solving safety issues is a complicated process, as no two intersections or segments of the transportation network will have identical problems. Unique problems require unique solutions. The CRTPO’s application identifies the following key elements for this study:

Safety improvementsProtect non-motorized travelers
Reduce fatalities and serious injuries
Accessible designIncrease accessibility for non-motorized travelers
Restore and modernize existing infrastructure
Flexible tripsIncrease affordable transportation choices
Reduce vehicle dependence
Equitable planningEngage residents and community-based organizations
Reduce transportation cost burdens
Reconnecting communitiesImprove access to daily destinations
Improve system-wide connectivity

The CRTPO plans to conduct a series of comprehensive audits to identify localized issues and prioritize implementable solutions based on these tenants and best practices identified in the National Roadway Safety Strategy and USDOT’s Safe System Approach.

The CRTPO’s data collection and analysis will be grounded with extensive public engagement guided by the CRTPO’s Public Involvement Plan and USDOT’s Promising Practices for Meaningful Public Involvement in Transportation Decision-Making Guide. The safety of people will be this study’s priority – and the people’s input will be critical to guiding the study’s development.

This graphic describes the public engagement methods being requested by community organizations interested in participating in the RAISE application's public engagement process.
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In February 2024, CRTPO staff hosted two virtual webinars to inform transportation planning staff and local community groups about our application.

The CRTPO is seeking partners to collaborate with on public engagement for this study. CRTPO staff does not expect or want your organization to do the work for us. We are looking for opportunities to speak to community members at your events, provide polling materials through your distribution networks, and create channels for residents to provide their input through the connections that only you can foster.

We ask that agencies and organizations interested in supporting the CRTPO’s application submit a letter of support committing to work with us if funding is awarded for this study. CRTPO staff has created a toolkit for your use with detailed instructions (see the public engagement toolkit posted below). This letter is not a legally binding agreement between the CRTPO and the entity you represent. It demonstrates to the USDOT that our study will engage residents and community-based organizations.

Please use the links below to download materials that the CRTPO has published to support this RAISE grant application.

The CRTPO was notified on June 26, 2024 of its successful award of $5 million in planning funds from USDOT. The CRTPO staff will reach back out to each organization that provided a letter of support to provide additional information regarding next steps. Contacted organizations will remain on a project contact list to ensure they are kept informed of the study’s development. While the CRTPO’s initial application lays out a proposed budget, project schedule, and key deliverables, the specifics of these activities will be finalized with a third-party consultant.

FY 2024 RAISE Application Tracker

Funds Awarded!

Staff anticipates grant administration to be completed in Spring 2025, and work on the study to begin by Fall 2025.

RAISE is an extensive application process, and we welcome further questions about the work we are doing to secure these Federal funds. Please contact Brian Elgort, Project Implementation Coordinator, at with any questions.