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Local Transportation Planning

CRTPO currently consists of 24 jurisdictions, with the City of Charlotte serving as the lead planning agency. Each jurisdiction, as well as the NCDOT, is represented on the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and the CRTPO Board. The TCC is made up of staff members who make recommendations to the CRTPO Board based on technical expertise, whereas the CRTPO Board is a decision making body made up of elected officials. These two bodies work closely with NCDOT, and other local and regional agencies, to make transportation planning decisions for the CRTPO region. The CRTPO must adhere to federal guidelines throughout the decision making process, and public involvement opportunities are conducted and encouraged each step of the way. 
This webpage provides links to the municipalities within CRTPO’s region, as well as links to other relevant information. More specific information regarding CRTPO’s regional, state and federal interaction can be found on those respective webpages.    


CRTPO Planning Area

Cities & Towns in CRTPO