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Transportation Project Process

Transportation Project Process

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are responsible for several plans and programs per federal and state regulations.  Each plan or program serves a specific purpose and guides the MPO’s transportation planning activities.  The plans and programs contain pertinent information related, but not limited, to projects, funding, air quality, and public involvement.  Each plan or program’s respective webpage provides more detailed information.


Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

30-Year Plan Horizon

  • Not fiscally constrained
  • No air quality conformity
  • Public involvement
  • Projects not prioritized
  • Adopted by the Board of Transportation


Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

20-year plan horizon

  • Fiscally constrained
  • Air quality conformity
  • Public involvement
  • Projects prioritized
  • Adopted by CRTPO
  • Not adopted by the Board of Transportation


Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

5-year plan horizon

  • Fiscally Constrained
  • Air quality conformity
  • Public involvement
  • Projects prioritized
  • Adopted by CRTPO
  • Adopted by the Board of Transportation


Strategic Prioritization

NCDOT Strategic Planning Office of Transportation (SPOT)
  • Public involvement
  • Adopted by MPO
  • Projects ranked quantitatively
  • Local input points assigned

Projects, Plans, & Programs Pages

Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Congestion Management Process

Discretionary Funds Program

Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Transportation Improvement Program

Performance-Based Planning & Programming

Unified Planning Work Program

Transportation Projects

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) identifies the transportation projects and strategies that CRTPO and NCDOT plan to undertake over the next ten years. All projects receiving federal funding must be in the CRTPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Please visit the online CRTPO 2018-2027 TIP Database for a full listing of Urban, Rural, Interstate, and Bridge TIP projects. Click the link to view the NCDOT State Transportation Improvement Program documents (STIP).

Member Jurisdiction Project Pages

Provided below are links to websites of agencies within the CRTPO’s planning area. Additional projects and information may be included on the websites of CRTPO member jurisdictions.

Town of Matthews
City of Statesville
City of Charlotte
Town of Cornelius
Town of Davidson
Town of Fairview
Town of Huntersville
Town of Indian Trail
Town of Marshville
Village of Marvin
Town of Mineral Springs
Town of Mint Hill
City of Monroe
Town of Mooresville
Town of Pineville
Town of Stallings
Town of Troutman
Town of Waxhaw
Town of Weddington
Village of Wesley Chapel
Town of Wingate