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Congestion Management Process

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The Congestion Management Process (CMP) is described by the FHWA as a systematic and regionally accepted approach for managing congestion. It provides accurate, up-to-date information on transportation system performance and assesses alternative strategies for congestion management that meet state and local needs. Federal regulations require MPOs with a population over 200,000 to establish a process for managing congestion. This tool provides recommendations for the effective management of congested facilities to ensure all potential alternatives to address congestion have been examined for identified projects that include additional roadway capacity.


CRTPO goal, objectives and performance measures for the CMP

CMP – Goal, Objectives, and Performance Measures

Goal: Manage Congestion
Objectives:Performance Measures:
Develop congestion management measures% of Roadway Miles at a Travel Time Index (TTI)/Volume-to-Capacity-Ratio
Reduce non-recurring congestion durationNumber of crashes related to the statewide average
Consider full range of congestion management strategiesWere all reasonable techniques and strategies considered? (Yes / No)
Improve the resiliency, redundancy, and reliability of the transportation networkExtract data from HERE* – Planning Time Index (PTI) or other indices
*HERE is a technology company that provides existing and historical traffic information by collecting and analyzing anonymous vehicles and smartphone location data.
CMP – Goal, Objectives, and Performance Measures Table

The CRTPO has identified 61 congested corridors to be evaluated as part of its CMP. In order to determine whether methods other than a conventional widening project could help relieve congestion on the facility, congested corridors for the CMP are identified. The CMP is also updated to ensure the corridors under consideration are the most suitable for potential alternative plans and managing congestion across the CRTPO planning area.

The CMP is one way the CRTPO plans for future improvements to its transportation network. It is a process that provides information to help influence investment decisions and project programming.

Planning Process

For additional background on CMPs, visit the Federal Highway Administration’s website.