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Unified Planning Work Program

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About the UPWP

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is adopted annually in accordance with joint Federal Highway Administration/Federal Transit Administration (FHWA/FTA) transportation planning guidelines. The UPWP describes the planning activities that are anticipated for the coming fiscal year and documents the allocation of state and federal funds associated with each planning activity.

The UPWP is a listing of the projects, priorities and work tasks the CRTPO will undertake during the fiscal year. It reflects the CRTPO’s short-range planning needs and is the instrument for coordinating metropolitan planning activities in the CRTPO’s planning area. The UPWP’s primary objective is to develop an integrated planning program which considers the planning activities of each transportation mode and coordinates these activities to produce a plan that serves all areas of the region. The UPWP has traditionally been developed using the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) as the primary planning guidance document; however, development of the FY 2023 UPWP is also guided by the goals and strategies outlined in the CRTPO’s first Strategic Plan that was adopted in November 2021.

Most of the tasks outlined in the UPWP are required by either Federal or State law and are ongoing. At the Federal level, these tasks include the development of a fiscally constrained MTP and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), implementation of the Congestion Management Process (CMP), setting performance targets in coordination with state and local partners for national performance measures, and engaging the public and stakeholders to establish a shared vision and goals for the community. At the State level, NC General Statute 136-66.2 requires each MPO to develop a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).

Funding for transportation planning is a product of Federal, State and local sources, with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) providing 80 percent of the funding. The remaining 20 percent is the required match for Federal funds and is provided by local jurisdictions through a method outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.

FY 2025 UPWP

The CRTPO Board approved the FY 2025 Unified Planning Work Program at its March 20, 2024 meeting. The FY 2025 UPWP is in effect July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025.

The CRTPO Board approved the FY 2024 Unified Planning Work Program at its March 15, 2023 meeting. The FY 2024 UPWP is in effect July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024.


FY 2024 UPWP Amendments

CRTPO Board approval is necessary for amendments to the UPWP. The amendment is necessary because federal regulations require that UPWP’s include all federal funds used for transportation planning.  The following amendments have been approved for the FY 2024 UPWP:

Amendment #1

  • Amendment to add the Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program – Planning Grant (Reconnecting the West Side) to the III-B-3 task code.  Grant received and managed by CDOT.
  • Federal 80% $1,000,000 and Local 20% $250,000
  • Approved by CRTPO Board on August 16, 2023 

Amendment #2

  • Amendment to remove the FY23 Mooresville: Vision Zero Action Plan carry forward from the III-B-3 task code.  Project was completed on schedule in FY23.
  • Federal 80% $5,000 and Local 20% $1,250
  • Approved by CRTPO Board on September 20, 2023

FY 2024 Local Transportation Planning Projects

Local projects are transportation planning projects that use CRTPO funds but are administered by member jurisdictions. The project sponsor is responsible for the 20% local match. The following summarizes the local transportation planning projects included in the FY 2023 UPWP. The tables list projects approved by the policy board in FY 2024 as well as carry over projects originally funded in FY 2023, FY 2022, and FY 2021.

FY 2024 Local Transportation Planning Projects

FY 2024 Planning Projects

ProjectSponsorFunds Approved
Centralina Linking Transit & Land Use at the
Community Scale
Centralina Regional Council$42,000
Indian Trail Transportation Master PlanIndian Trail$150,000
Matthews John St Corridor Pedestrian & Bicycle StudyMatthews$150,000
Mooresville Mobility PlanMooresville$200,000
Stallings Silver Line Plan IntegrationStallings$125,000
FY 2024 Planning Projects

FY 2023 Planning Projects

ProjectSponsorFunds to be Carried Over into FY 2024
Mint Hill Data Collection and AnalysisMint Hill$25,000
Troutman Mobility PlanTroutman$36,250
Mooresville Vision Zero Action PlanMooresville$6,250
Huntersville Mobility PlanHuntersville$62,500
Union CountyUnion County$60,000
CONNECT Beyond ImplementationCentralina Regional Council$366,037
Silver Line Rail TrailCATS$53,750
FY 2023 Planning Projects

FY 2022 Planning Projects

ProjectSponsorFunds to be Carried Over into FY 2024
The Seam Advancement StudyCharlotte$218,750
FY 2022 Planning Projects

FY 2021 Planning Projects

ProjectSponsorFunds to be Carried Over into FY 2024
I-77 and Jane Sowers Road Interchange Conversion (Feasibility Study)Statesville$6,250
FY 2021 Planning Projects

Previous UPWPs